eople holding key positions within an organization deeply influence on its effectiveness and results generation with their daily way of acting. Persuade others in order to make things happen depends primarily on their behavior.

The only way to instilling compromise and motivation among the rest of the Entity´s team is by demonstrating a way of acting which is in line with the Organization´s own culture and common interest principles.

Each individual holding a high managerial position within an Organization structure gets out a mission, a set of goals and the adequate power in order to achieve them. It is under his or her own choice which the approach to compile with this mandate will be. His or her value as a professional and the ultimate achievement of those objectives will depend on his or her own decision.

At Values+ we offer specialized services covering critical steps within the recruiting and development processes of Executives, Managers and those people who are entrusted with an Organization´s key missions.

Strategic Leadership Models


At Values + we help management teams to define models based on the application of the methodology SLD-Strategic Leadership Developmentᵀᴹde Management Research Groupᵀᴹ.



Management and Leadership Development Programs


At Values+ we design specific programs adapted to the particular situation of each company and the characteristics of their managers and professionals, with the support of the methodology SLD-Strategic Leadership DevelopmentᵀᴹManagement Research Groupᵀᴹ.



Feedback 360º


At Values + we apply differential methodologies for its validity and reliability, based on questionnaires Leadership Effectiveness Analysisᵀᴹ developed by Management Research Groupᵀᴹ.




Either from an integrated perspective or on an individual-basis, we give support to entities and organizations in the following areas:


  • Definition of Competences Models
  • Analysis of Best Practices
  • Definition of the Strategic Leadership Model
  • Analysis of Leadership Culture


  • Executive Search
  • Assessment Centers
  • Coaching for the integration of new hired professionals


  • Management and Leadership Development Programs
  • Customized Programs
  • Team Coaching
  • Feedback 360º
  • Change Management
  • Implementation of Strategic Leadership Models


At Values+ we conduct Management and Leadership Development Programs which are customized to the needs and circumstances of each Organization and which are personalized according to the characteristics of the group of professionals who are taking part of them.

We work with the support and methodologies of MRG Management Research Group .


MRG Management Research Group